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We’ve spent decades perfecting our blends – now it’s time to share them with the world.

In Italy, we take our coffee seriously.

So when the Maja brothers opened their first ‘bar-privativa’ in Giambellino, Milan in 1954, they knew they’d have to create something spectacular to stand out.

Founding one of Italy’s first coffee roasting plants, they began what would become a lifelong obsession with creating a range of distinctive and unforgettable coffee blends.

Part of Milan’s cultural, commercial and human heritage for over 60 years, it’s finally time to share their love of coffee with the world.


Need coffee in a hurry? Get caffeinated and get on with your day with our 3 easy to use coffee capsules.
Sep, 04
Easy serving espresso pods Our ESE standard (Easy Serving Espresso) pods contain 7.5 grams of ground coffee inserted between two layers of filter paper, then vacuum packed into a protective shell. FAP Capsules Compatible with the most common capsule espresso machines like Lavazza Point, our FAP capsules are the convenient way to enjoy our whole bean blends. Using the FAP capsules system, our wood roasted coffee is ground, dosed and inserted into a perforated PVC container. Filter paper rests on the bottom, with a cellulose film on the top. Nespresso compatible capsules Love your Hardy coffee but don’t want to give up your Nespresso...
From coffee bean, to coffee cup.
Sep, 04
Cultivation, selection & transportation The perfect cup of coffee begins with the perfect coffee bean. That’s why each of our coffee blends begins with the world’s finest raw coffee beans. Cultivated by some of the world’s leading coffee producers, they’re sourced, selected and transported according to the highest possible standards. Making the journey to Italy in jute sacks, each sack is carefully positioned to ensure the even flow of air, preserving the beans and protecting them from mould. And every step of the journey is certified. From selection, to sanitation and delivery to our factory, our compliance standards are world...

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